Tuesday, February 25, 2020

What I’m Watching: Outmatched

Outmatched: Season 1, Episode 5 “Dating” (C+)

This show doesn’t seem long for this world, but I’m enjoying it to a degree even if its quality is not terribly impressive. The integration of best friends Rita and Irwin is particularly clunky, as evidenced by Irwin’s apparent abduction of the hot brainless guy Doug, who was in his trunk and never mentioned again. A whole lot more on this show is hard to believe, but that felt like a serious stretch. The fact that Nicole fell for such an airhead wasn’t entirely convincing, although she may have thought that his sincere stupidity was merely him being ironic because of how intelligent he secretly was. Kay got excited that she was able to provide some real guidance to her daughter on avoiding her mistakes, but got typically wrapped up in the thrill of Nicole finally thinking she was cool for having ever appealed to Doug, diluting her message considerably. Marc not understanding why Nicole wanted to do things to make herself look nice around people she was attracted to let to an unfortunate misreading of the situation by Mike, before he suddenly declared himself as now being able to “get” art. Why his fascination with a painting was immediately interpreted as an unnatural obsession by the security guard that his other son had severely injured when he was showing off his badge is just one of those comedy things, exaggerated for effect just like Kay’s contemplation of the replacement painting that she found to be momentarily attractive, drawing a stern condemnation from the suddenly superior Mike.

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