Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 11 “Of Mouse and Men” (B)

This show goes to great lengths to paint Will and Grace in certain ways, particularly in the eyes of their friends, and many of those traits and summarizations aren’t terribly believable. Yet it makes sense that Jack and Estefan would have their own notions of what each of them do in their relationship, and that they’d like to think that they were the more put-together part of the dynamic. Jack setting hundreds of mouse traps all across the room presented a great opportunity for him to do acrobatics as he had to show how easily he’d be able to get to and from the door when Estefan challenged him, and of course the mouse would end up on his head so that both of them would need to step on almost every single trap in their panic to get away from it. Ending with Grace as the one to dispose of the mouse they found when Will didn’t know how to deal with it was perfect. Grace being auditioned by dog trainers so that they could adopt her baby rather than hire her as an interior designer was considerably less worthwhile as a plotline, and it took her way too long to realize what was going on. At least she got a hug from Marilyn while no one was looking and her marginal support. Will didn’t waste any time in pegging the homophobic baseball player as a closeted gay man, and he got to help someone think a different way about how he could embrace the things about himself he didn’t want to admit.

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