Sunday, February 2, 2020

What I’m Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 10, Episode 2 “Side Sitting” (B+)

I haven’t seen every episode of this show, only watching consistently since season seven, but I’m honestly very surprised that Larry hasn’t tried to blame the mailman before this. I liked that he insisted that he was wearing his postal-issued uniform in response to Larry’s insistence that he couldn’t take him seriously in shorts, and that he demanded an apology for putting a stain on his reputation. The cancer plotline wasn’t all that enticing to me, just creating more awkwardness than laughs. What I did enjoy was the concept of side-sitting, which Larry managed to use to throw Ted off the scent when he heard about how Larry was side-sitting Cheryl at a restaurant. This show is humorously handling the notion of consent with Larry managing to comprehend it well enough to record himself asking permission to do certain things with his unexpected date but failing to read the signals and realize that she wasn’t as into progressing as he thought. I loved the ending of the episode with Ben Shenkman’s lawyer no longer being interested in the case but instead with getting Larry to admit under oath that he used his bathroom. Larry getting Susie a portrait of herself for her birthday was indeed a strange occurrence, and of course that backfired when he prepared to have it redone as revenge on Jeff only to have the contractor who so hated her throw it out, making her once again believe that Larry is quite possibly the worst human being on earth.

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