Tuesday, February 11, 2020

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 11, Episode 9 “Bi-Plane” (B)

This episode was decidedly over-the-top in its construction, but it was still pretty funny. I feel like we’ve seen Will and Grace talking to couples where one member is very clearly gay and purporting to be straight in the past, and so there was something familiar about that plotline. Yet what I think worked best about it was that, after they talked through it all, Fiona and Trevor left still together. Will revealed his own closemindedness to the notion of bisexuality, judging it as someone who just needed to make up their mind about being gay or straight, and this may have opened his mind slightly. Their banter is on-point as always, and it’s still fun to hear them bicker. Karen’s flight experience flying in coach was very entertaining, and it was helpful to have Friday there to narrate her journey without fully understanding just how uncomfortable it was for her. Her reaction to going first beyond the first row and then beyond the curtain she didn’t realize led to anything other than the vast space was funny, and she really committed to it as she had to endure the entire flight in coach. Jack’s obliviousness to Ryan Phillippe sitting down next to him on the plane right after he announced that he was his celebrity hall pass was pretty great, and kudos to Phillippe for playing along and getting Jack to offer to have sex with him. I love that Estefan ultimately stepped in to stop them, creating the best possible way for Phillippe to learn about gay sex.

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