Friday, February 14, 2020

What I’m Watching: Stranger Things

Stranger Things: Season 3, Episode 7 “Chapter Seven: The Bite” (B+)

The final scene of this episode was the big payoff we’ve been waiting for all season, reuniting all of our young characters and preparing them for one last epic battle where their number one weapon may be down for the count. It looked like Dustin and crew were about to be shot by Russians with guns – admittedly a dark turn of events even for this show – before Eleven was able to set the car alarm off and then hurl it at the aggressors to crush all of them. Bringing them together is very exciting, and I’m sure there will be more entertaining interactions now that they’re an even bigger group. Steve and Robin tripping and then leaving the movie to go get water led to their eventual vomiting and the revelation that Robin likes Steve but just isn’t into guys in that way, something that took him a minute to process. I like that Max clashed with Nancy on wound management, followed by Mike not quite saying that love makes you crazy as he tried to express his feelings for Eleven. Lucas’ affinity for New Coke and everyone else’s failure to comprehend that was an odd but amusing subplot. Murray was right to diagnose an unresolved romantic connection between Joyce and Hopper, but who has time for more than hand-holding when you’re being forced onto rides while confronting other parents and dealing with newfound Russian allies getting shot just after they win big at the carnival? At least Joyce got to vent some of her frustration with a few well-placed blows to more than Larry’s public image.

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