Sunday, July 22, 2007

AFT Awards: Top 20 Scenes #15-11

The following represent some of the best individual moments in television for the 2006-2007 season. Descriptions contain SPOILERS. This particular post contains important information that should be avoided if you have not seen the most recent seasons of any of the following: Jericho, The Riches, Dexter, Sleeper Cell & Desperate Housewives.

Best Scenes of the Season

#15. JERICHO, "Why We Fight"

Heather ends up in a camp and is more than confused at the state of authority. She looks up to see a new American flag, with fewer stars and stripes going the wrong way. A fantastic image used amazingly in this fan-made promo.

#14. THE RICHES, "Been There, Done That"
One of the most powerful scenes in recent history features Wayne and Dahlia pretending to be different people but still connecting over the phone. Stunning performances from Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver.

#13. DEXTER, "Born Free"
The final scene in this fabulous first season features our antihero Dexter being warmly welcomed by a loving audience. Set to the wonderfully creepy title theme music, this is a great send-off for the freshman show.

The frightening and intense conclusion to the first episode shows Darwyn watching as his FBI handler Patrice Serxner, who we were just starting to like, beheaded by terrorists. Darwyn's horrified reaction is made only more real by a terrifying shot of Farik.

#11. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, "The Miracle Song"
Friendly neighbor Art reveals to Lynette that the death of his sister has made it impossible for him to contain himself. In one moment, he goes from wronged victim to creepy pedophile. Amazing performances from both Matt Roth and Felicity Huffman, and a great example of how this show really straddles the line between comedy and drama.

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