Sunday, July 22, 2007

Emmy Nominees: Best Writing in a Comedy Series

My predictions: 0/5, expecting two other "Office" episodes, "Entourage", "Ugly Betty", and "Weeds".
My ballot: 0/5

I should have expectecd Extras to make a showing here, especially for its hilarious "Daniel Radcliffe" episode. The other nominees are bizarre, however. While both "The Office" and "30 Rock" have a number of hilarious and well-written episodes, these four are not their best. "The Negotiation" (The Office) and "Jack-Tor" (30 Rock) are pretty funny, but I do not see how voters liked the writing in the weak episodes "Gay Witch Hunt" (The Office) and "Tracy Does Conan" (30 Rock).

Who will win? If voters want to reward "Extras" after the Kate Winslet episode failed to win last year, they may go that route. But I suspect Tina Fey will be walking away with a trophy for the weird "Tracy Does Conan" episode of "30 Rock".

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