Sunday, July 22, 2007

Emmy Update: Best Drama Series

So, many of the Emmy categories are first narrowed down to top 10 lists, and from there five nominees are selected. These lists are not released, but many leaks occur and some news gets out. For instance, in this category last year, reports said that both "Rescue Me" and "Boston Legal" somewhat surprisingly made it into the top ten. I do not have the patience or interest to necessarily predict the top 10 for each category, but for Best Drama Series, I will give it a shot. My top five picks will obviously be out of the top 10. This post comes after the stellar news that "Dexter", the best show on this past season, has been confirmed as being in the top 10 by a source over at GoldDerby Forums. Submitted episodes are in parantheses. Here goes:

I know I am taking a big risk here leaving out "Heroes" and previous nominees "House" and "24", but I am do have faith in my choices.

DEADWOOD (The Catbird Seat)
This show just finished its run, at least until some wrap-up TV movies might spring up, and while I doubt whether it will actually make it in to the top 5, I think it should be here.

DEXTER (Born Free)
This one is in, which makes me so happy.

I would assume this show would be a lock at least for the top ten, but maybe those who found it slow and somewhat boring might hinder its chances.

GREY'S ANATOMY (From a Whisper to a Scream)
Yeah, this is in. With its buzz and popularity, how could it not?

LOST (Through the Looking Glass)
Now that "Lost" has changed its submission to the season finale, I think its chances are much better. It won here two years ago, can it make a return?

The show reportedly made it in last year, and this past season was just as good. Barring internal FX competition like "The Riches" and "The Shield", "Rescue Me" should have a good enough shot at the top 10.

ROME (De Patre Vostro)
The series finale is the submission, and while this may be too intense and historical for Emmy's tastes, I think it should make the second-to-last round.

THE SHIELD (Chasing Ghosts)
This show really came back into the limelight as far as critics and buzz are concerned this year, and I think it has a great shot at the top 10 and hopefully a chance to make the final list.

THE SOPRANOS (Soprano Home Movies)
Yeah, as much as finale backlash might hurt the show's ultimate chances at a win, I think the pretty fantastic season premiere should ensure a top 10 listing, and I am positive it will make it into the final list. I will be absolutely shocked if it does not.

It sort of depends upon the submitted episode, and I would personally go with something like "The Wrap Party", but I feel like the pilot is the most likely submission. I am by no means confident that this will make the final five, but I have not made up my mind yet.

For the moment, though sure to change, my predictions are:

But it could easily be "Rome" or "Studio 60" which takes the final slot instead of "Lost", and I would love to see "Dexter". I am expecting a big surprise in this category. Updates to come here.

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