Sunday, July 22, 2007

What I'm Watching: Hidden Palms

Hidden Palms: Season 1, Episodes 6 & 7 "Dangerous Liaisons" & "Stand By Your Woman" (F)

What an exciting night of preposterous plot developments! I never heard more stories about one night than the ever-changing ridiculousness that is the night of Eddie's death. Weird revelation that Greta's dad is the one who planted the gun on him. And Liza was sleeping with Eddie (saw that one coming). And Eddie's mom is CRAZY and sex-crazed about Cliff. I do love the character of Jesse Jo, played by the fantastic Leslie Jordan, but I find it a bit strange and generally unlike teenagers to be so into these drag shows, especially Greta's excitement, "You didn't tell me this was a drag show! That's so cool!" I am all for the openmindedness, it just seems a bit uncharacteristic for these sun-struck, work-free teens. In my personal opinion, enough of this Bob-Karen bickering, I do not really care about either character, and it is just like when "The O.C." started to focus too much on Sandy and Kirsten. Oh, and for the record, there is pretty much nothing that has occured on this show that did not happen on "The O.C." But I'm more than okay with it.

The preview said next week is the series finale??!! I hope the show gets renewed, because it is really growing on me, not its quality (yeah, right) but its entertainment value. Well, the finale of the miniseries "Sleeper Cell" turned into the season finale after the show got renewed for a second season, can we hope for the same here? I vote yes. Whatever "finale" it is airs next Wednesday July 4th at 8pm.

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