Sunday, July 22, 2007

Emmy Nominees: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

My predictions: 3/6, missing Pressly, Ferrell, and Taylor for Joosten and Krakowski.
My ballot: 2/5 Fischer & Weeds

First things first, I am beyond thrilled about the inclusion of Jenna Fischer. I am astounded and angry that Jane Krakowski did not make the list especially considering "30 Rock" did so well (series, actor, actress, two writing, one directing). Elizabeth Perkins is welcome and it is nice to see "Weeds" getting some love. I have said before that while Conchata Ferrell and Holland Taylor are funny on "Two and a Half Men", their roles just are not Emmy-worthy. And I guess I will have to accept Jaime Pressly and Vanessa Williams.

Who will win? At this point, I would have to hope that it is Fischer, because she deserves it hands-down especially with Krakowski out of the race. The only other one I could stand would be Perkins, but it should go to Fischer.

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