Sunday, July 22, 2007

AFT Awards: Top 20 Scenes #20-16

The following represent some of the best individual moments in television for the 2006-2007 season. Descriptions contain SPOILERS. This particular post contains important information that should be avoided if you have not seen the most recent seasons of any of the following: The Shield, Prison Break, 24 & The Sopranos.

Best Scenes of the Season

#20. THE SHIELD, "Spanish Practices"

As a henchman tries to drive away, Mackey jumps onto the car and holds on to the open door as the driver just keeps on going. It is a great representation of the stark, gritty nature of this show and Mackey's determination not to give up which should play a large part in next season.

#19. PRISON BREAK, "Manhunt"

Michael watches Mahone (the best new character on any show, save possibly the character to be revealed in scene #2), and in the second that Mahone looks up, it is clear that these two are perfectly matched as rivals. The concept of the show would necessitate a single season, but William Fichtner is here to make sure it does not go downhill (at least not yet).

#18. THE SOPRANOS, "The Blue Comet"

One of the only truly good-hearted characters on this show gets laid to rest with a fitting final scene, added to by the model trains moving on the concourse. Not much more to say, the scene speaks for itself.

#17. 24, "7:00am-8:00am"

Before I gave this show repetitive grades of "F-" each week, the first few episodes still managed to impress me a bit. By far the coolest and most memorable moment, however unrealistic, was when Jack actually kicked a terrorist about to blow himself up off a train. That's the Jack Bauer we know and love.

#16. PRISON BREAK, "The Killing Box"

"Prison Break" was a bit strange but still going strong at the time of this fall finale. Following last year's mid-season ender was a tough act, and Kellerman's shocking side-switch and shooting of Mahone should have set the show in a great new direction. Unfortunately, the second half of the season did not quite live up to it, but what a thrilling cliffhanger.

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