Sunday, July 22, 2007

Emmy Nominees: Best Writing in a Drama Series

My predictions: 3/5, picking the "Friday Night Lights" and "Studio 60" pilots over the BSG and third "Sopranos" episode.
My ballot: 0/5

If I felt the same way about Battlestar Galactica that I do about say "Jericho" or "Threshold", I would be ecstatic right now. Diehard cult fans of the show should be thrilled that the show managed not one but two major nominations. It bodes well for the show since it is not even the final year. I was also surprised since I had heard of "Exodus, Part 2" but not of the two-part season opener "Occupation/Precipice". The season finale of Lost, "Through the Looking Glass", is no surprise and a welcome mention here. I am also unsurprised about the three Sopranos episodes here, though I find the choices a bit strange, as "The Blue Comet" and "Soprano Home Movies" stand out to me as better than "Kennedy & Heidi" and the series finale, "Made in America". "The Second Coming" is a very well-written episode and does deserves to be here.

Who will win? I would be excited if "Battlestar Galactica" won simply because it is a triumph of a cult show over a mainstream awards system. I think it is a showdown between "Sopranos" episode, and I feel like finale backlash might give it to "The Second Coming."

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