Thursday, November 25, 2010

Golden Globe Musings: Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie

Golden Globe nominations for this year will be announced in just a few weeks, so here’s a survey of the contenders and the most likely predictions at this time. Weigh in with your thoughts, and let me know if I’ve left off anyone important.

Since I haven’t seen almost all of the contenders in this category, my analysis will be very brief. The three eligible Emmy nominees from this past year are all locks: Al Pacino (You Don’t Know Jack), Dennis Quaid (The Special Relationship), and Michael Sheen (The Special Relationship). Though it doesn’t quite make sense to me, last year’s nominee Kenneth Branagh (Wallander) may once again be eligible. I’m not sure about singling out one person from HBO’s landmark miniseries from earlier this year, but James Badge Dale (The Pacific) may have an edge over Jon Seda (The Pacific). I do suspect, however, that AMC’s six-episode series “The Walking Dead” may land here, and therefore Andrew Lincoln might be a nominee.

Current predictions:
James Badge Dale (The Pacific)
Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead)
Al Pacino (You Don’t Know Jack)
Dennis Quaid (The Special Relationship)
Michael Sheen (The Special Relationship)

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