Monday, November 8, 2010

What I’m Watching: Smallville

Smallville: Season 10, Episode 7 “Ambush” (D)

I’m all for the romance between Lois and Clark, but there’s no reason we have to have these stupid episodes with obnoxious music and relationship woes. This one is better than the rest, but it’s still problematic. One issue here is one that many have with “No Ordinary Family” – there were no stakes. Lucy’s duplicity is addressed only by a brief apology from her after the incident, and she so willingly agrees to plant a tracker on her father without his knowledge that it’s hard to believe she has a clue what she’s doing half the time. More importantly, the assertion that Clark is fast but can’t stop something or other is pointless, because he can and there’s no reason anyone else should think otherwise. The bad guys know Clark’s identity, yet he’s able to run around free and clear without a care in the world, and their big move is to blow up a building with anti-Blur signs on it? That’s not going to help anyone. We also have Clark appearing to ask the General (a dumb character, by the way) for Lois’ hand in marriage, yet the plotline is never addressed after that scene. While it’s possible that it’s being saved for a future episode, with the way this show keeps things on the sidelines for episodes at a time, that’s not exactly a comfort. On the subject of uncomfortable things, there’s already talk brewing that an eleventh season of this show could be in order. Please no.

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