Sunday, November 28, 2010

Golden Globe Musings: Best Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie

Golden Globe nominations for this year will be announced in just a few weeks, so here’s a survey of the contenders and the most likely predictions at this time. Weigh in with your thoughts, and let me know if I’ve left off anyone important.

Though I haven’t seen anything, this seems to me to be the easiest category to predict. Take the two Emmy-nominated miniseries, The Pacific and Return to Cranford and the three most buzzed-about Emmy-nominated made-for-TV movies, The Special Relationship, Temple Grandin, and You Don’t Know Jack. The one complication comes from the second half of 2010. Since I’m predicting Andrew Lincoln for Best Actor, I should probably include The Walking Dead. If it ends up classified here, I think it will be as a sixth nominee.

The Pacific
Return to Cranford
The Special Relationship
Temple Grandin
You Don’t Know Jack
The Walking Dead
(6th nominee)

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