Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 4, Episode 14 “Hot Property” (B+)

There are few actresses I find more fantastically entertaining than Callie Thorne. Usually she plays crazy on “Rescue Me,” and therefore it’s a treat to see her reprise her role from last season’s “Friends Like These.” I very much enjoyed the way that she asserted her trustworthiness despite being so continuously untrustworthy, and having her along on the operations was a lot of fun. Take notes, “Nikita.” When you have two sworn enemies working together, they still don’t like each other and don’t just magically get along for the duration of their mission. Natalie rushing to Fiona’s defense and seeing the two take out their hatred of each other by fighting to make their presence seem less suspicious was amusing. Thorne wasn’t the only notable guest star in this episode, as we also got Richard Kind of “A Serious Man,” a.k.a. Jesse’s only real link to his old life. Kind does a great job of being a comic actor in a serious role, and fortunately, unlike what happened with Madeline’s friend played by Tyne Daly last season, this didn’t end up ruining his career or backfiring on him too badly. There isn’t much of the greater mythology present in this episode, but that’s not much of a problem, especially because it’s about reincorporating Jesse into the team and him using his connections to help Michael rather than himself or to get his own burn notice repealed (likely impossible at this point). It will probably be a while before they completely bury the hatch, but they’re on their way.

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