Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I’m Watching: The Big C

The Big C: Season 1, Episode 11 “New Beginnings” (B+)

Now that Paul knows about Cathy’s cancer, this show takes on a new sort of life, with Cathy suddenly being pressured to do something about her condition from someone other than her rather non-pushy doctor. Paul’s dedication in trying to help Cathy get better often borders on and pushes back the limits of politeness, yet it’s still sweet to see him come to her defense, buzzer at the ready, prepared to get a new haircut in solidarity with his ailing wife. His efforts to bond with the woman at his office whose husband had cancer were much less entertaining but equally affecting, and definitely showed the more serious, moving side of this show. Cathy’s initial reply to Paul that she’s living her life as a way of reacting to the news was very understated and powerful. Cathy and her brother are more alike than either of them realize, desperate to live their own lives unencumbered by other people telling them how they should be living. It’s interesting that Rebecca complains to Cathy about her affair with her brother when Cathy can be just as stubborn sometimes as Sean. I’m intrigued to see where Adam’s relationship with this new girl goes, especially since he and Andrea should now be back on good terms. Only two episodes to go in the first season of this show, and any fans (now including me) of the show should rest assured thanks to the fact that the show was renewed a number of weeks ago for a second year.

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