Monday, November 8, 2010

What Andy's Watching: Survivor

Survivor: Season 21, Episode 8 “Company Will Be Arriving Soon” (B)

It’s merge time!

This is great for some players, like the alliance of Brenda, NaOnka, Chase, and Sash. For some players it doesn't really matter, like Dan, because he doesn't care to win anyway. It sucks for Alina because, as much as she is on the outs already, now she is the lowest on the totem pole.

I don't know why everyone views Marty as such a threat. Sure, he was able to convince the older tribe of voting off his competition, but now he is powerless. He doesn't even have his idol to fall back on. As much as he complained at the beginning of the game that the older tribe did very little intense game playing, he isn't making any real power plays, or even trying. He needs to expose Brenda's alliance and get the votes to vote them out. Until then he is just a sitting duck.

Ironically, I think NaOnka stealing the food and equipment and getting caught actually helps her game. She is an essential part of her dominating alliance and now, why wouldn't anyone want to take her to the end? How could she even win? Of course she thinks she has potential but that is because she is making a classic mistake - not playing the social game.

Although I doubt it will happen, I think Jud/Fabio would be another great person to take to the end. Can you imagine him trying to convince the jury why he should win? He will probably end up being confused by their questions.

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