Friday, November 5, 2010

What I’m Watching: Undercovers

Undercovers: Season 1, Episode 7 “Assassin” (B+)

I continue to see articles about how bad this show is, and one site even proclaims it the most likely NBC show to be cancelled by 2011 (really, over “Outsourced” and “The Event”?). My attitude, therefore, is that I’m going to enjoy it while it can. I’ve also read that the focus in the coming episodes is going to be on the greater mythology of the Blooms and their relationship with the CIA than episodic cases, and while that doesn’t seem to be the case with this episode, I think that’s a positive step for the show. The guest appearance of one David Anders in this episode was a plus, and it’s nice to see a J.J. Abrams favorite and “Alias” alum back on one of his shows. Silly Samantha for thinking that Sark can be trusted! Fortunately, expert marksman and super awesome husband Steven managed to take him down and allow her the opportunity to break free of her bonds and show him who’s boss. It was a good thing that Samantha’s college friend didn’t turn out to be a duplicitous spy trying to infiltrate her personal life, and I much prefer Leo flirting with Lizzy as the only link between the personal and (secret) professional lives of the Blooms. Lizzy is a fringe character who hasn’t yet been featured extensively, and maybe this new focus on the Blooms and their relationship with the CIA will be just the trick for getting to know more about Samantha’s least favorite sister.

And no sooner did I write this post and the show is officially cancelled. Yikes. It's a shame.

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Jorge Rodrigues said...

I was never a fan of UNDERCOVERS, I have to say, but I admit it was decently improving.

Sometimes I don't get TV networks. OUTSOURCED gets full-season pick-up and this and THE EVENT have to linger for such a long time to get renewed? For shame.