Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I’m Watching: Glee

Glee: Season 2, Episode 6 “Never Been Kissed” (B)

As a performance spectacle, this episode works magnificently. When it comes to actual plotting, it’s much, much thinner. In favor of the former working so fabulously, I’m inclined to forgive the show some of its less believable storylines. There’s little more effective than Kurt soaking in all of the wonderfulness at the all-boys school spur-of-the-moment a cappella performance. Without transferring to that school, I’m not sure where Kurt is going to go from here, but it does appear that he now may have an extremely supportive and loving boyfriend. The subject of the boys (and Tina) picturing Coach Beiste to “cool off” is a bizarre, irreverent return to that postman scene in the second episode of this show’s first season, and while it’s a funny device, it did go a bit far. I don’t quite buy the fact that all these high school guys are able to become incredibly mature in just five minutes and praise their generally hated and feared coach. At least Beiste’s involvement allowed for a longer glimpse of Sue than we’ve had in a while and plenty of funny lines about what she was accidentally picturing while talking to Quinn. Puck’s bad boy nature has completely exploded, and it’s a good thing that the kind-hearted Artie was able to reel him back into a semi-academic lifestyle before he really got out of control. I really liked Artie and Tina as a couple, and while Mike is growing on me every week, I still don’t think I’ll every quite be okay with the idea of Artie and Brittany.

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Richter Scale said...

I actually really liked the whole plot with Beastie, and here's why. This is a story about outsiders. About outcasts looking for a way to fit in. In that sense, Coach Beastie fits in perfectly. I loved Will's speech to her about having to be crazy to go back to High School when it's one of the most haunting places for anyone, and even in High School, the teachers look for a way to fit in. I could feel Beastie's pain, and I honestly think the boys never meant to hurt her. They just don't find her attractive and were looking for a way to cool off, but didn't realize they were hurting her feelings, so I don't think it's becoming more mature in five minutes, it's just making amends for hurting someone they didn't mean to hurt. I also love Kurt's storyline and it was awesome to see him so happy for a change. I really hope that Blaine kid sticks around, I really like him (and he doesn't even have to transfer for this story to work). I'm also someone who loved Artie and Tina in Season 1, but this is interesting to see. I think pairing Artie with Brittany is an interesting move, because it has brought out more to light about Brittany, so while I think he should eventually end up back with Tina, I welcome this diversion (also because Mike Chang is getting more to do, finally!!)