Friday, November 26, 2010

Golden Globe Musings: Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie

Golden Globe nominations for this year will be announced in just a few weeks, so here’s a survey of the contenders and the most likely predictions at this time. Weigh in with your thoughts, and let me know if I’ve left off anyone important.

Since I haven’t seen one of the contenders in this category, my analysis will be very brief. Three Emmy nominees from this past year are pretty much sure things: winner Claire Danes (Temple Grandin), Hope Davis (The Special Relationship), and Judi Dench (Return to Cranford). As far as the other two nominees go, I’m stumped. I don’t keep up with miniseries and TV movies as much as I should. Maybe Winona Ryder (When Love Is Not Enough) and Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey)? Those are my best guesses.

Current predictions:
Claire Danes (Temple Grandin)
Hope Davis (The Special Relationship)
Judi Dench (Return to Cranford)
Winona Ryder (When Love Is Not Enough)
Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey)

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