Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I’m Watching: Weeds

Weeds: Season 6, Episode 11 “Viking Pride” (B+)

So it turns out that Ellis Tate isn’t really someone that Nancy has to worry about, and instead he’s there to offer a completely new twist: Nancy going on the record about everything (well, maybe not everything) she’s experienced. What puzzles me is where Tate plans to publish this and why. Nonetheless, it’s good to see Nancy make a new ally, even if she still feels compelling to threaten him as they’re in the process of conducting their agreed-upon business. Andy definitely had a bit more trouble sorting out his affairs, and I found his invocation of the need for Shane since murder was called for hilarious. Hooman fits in so well with the characters that have appeared on this show like Conrad and U-Turn, and I enjoyed all of his scenes immensely. Andy suggesting that he can help him is likely something that will get them booted from their temporary hideout, which will hopefully occur after they procure their faked passports. It seems Kevin Nealon wants to stay involved with this show, otherwise he could easily be left behind just like Celia when this season ends in just two episodes. I’m unsure of what kind of relationship Silas will have with his presumed father, and I imagine that, as has been the case throughout this entire season, they’ll be torn apart thanks to a sudden need by the Botwin family to skip town. Something tells me Shane won’t take that too well, but the Botwin family is clearly meant for more than just Dearborn.

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