Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice (Winter Premiere)

Burn Notice: Season 4, Episode 13 “Eyes Open” (B+)

When I watched Wednesday night’s “Psych,” I thought I was lost. With this episode, however, I know I am, since I don’t remember anything that happened back in August when last we saw this show save for Jesse getting really angry at Michael and then shooting him to save his life. Still, this show is entertaining enough that knowing exactly what’s going on isn’t always required. There’s something relatively alarming about seeing Michael in such a weakened state where he can’t quite escape in time because he’s simply not able to move that fast. On the same note, however, it does give Michael yet another personality type to assume, since there’s the sense that his soft-spoken, nervous nature isn’t entirely acting since he’s lost much of his strength thanks to Jesse’s bullet and all the blood that he lost while in the car with John Barrett (I guess I do remember something). Even though this isn’t technically a season premiere since there are only a handful of episodes left in this back half of the season, it’s more unclear than ever what Michael’s new endgame is. He may be close to finding a list of names of the people who burned him, but then what? And how long can Jesse stick around and learn to trust Michael, Fiona, and Sam again? Fortunately, this show is enjoyable enough that all those questions can wait for the moment and we can focus on hashing out all of the relationships and dynamics on this great USA show.

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