Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Andy's Watching: Survivor

Survivor: Season 21, Episode 9 “Running the Camp” (B)

Winning Survivor isn't based solely on skill. It's mostly luck. You can get lucky that a fellow tribe mate really screws up and gets on people's nerves. You can get lucky that Dan isn't on your tribe.

Unfortunately for the ladies of this season of "Survivor," they all got randomly placed on the same team against all of the men (except for Chase) for the Reward Challenge.

Not being placed on any team, Chase was able to choose which team he supports, and if that team won, he would accompany them on the reward excursion. He chose to back the women, which in my opinion, wasn't such a bad idea. I figured that considering Dan is really lousy at
moving in general, there would be no way that he could keep up with the rest of the men. I didn't anticipate that the team of guys would be able to just drag him through the hard parts, and that Jane, after dominating the previous challenge, would just fall apart. Also, the women couldn't break the brick wall.

It's no surprise that Marty got the axe this week. The fancy editing of the show tried to have us believe that Sash was actually considering sticking with Marty, but it's painfully obvious that Jane was a better fit for his alliance. After all, she doesn't scheme at all.

Maybe I have the luxury of saying this because I'm just watching it from afar, but it seems pretty obvious that Brenda, Sash, Chase, and NaOnka are all in an alliance together. Maybe the older folks don't know that, but shouldn't Benry and Purple Kelly know that? (We are assuming Fabio doesn't know anything, ever.) It's hard not to shake your head, when painfully obvious alliances go
unrecognized by the other players.

We are getting close to the end here. I'm just hoping some idols get played to breathe some life into this dull season

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