Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Andy’s Watching: Survivor

Survivor: Season 21, Episode 11 “We Did It Guys” (F)

This week's episode is a clip show/recap episode composed entirely of never-before-seen scenes! If this sounds boring, then you are correct. If the footage wasn't interesting enough to put in the episode the first time around, then why should we care to see it now?

Nothing major to say about this episode, just a couple of scenes that interested me:

1) Fabio talking abut how his plan is to not attract any attention to himself and just let his goofy side emerge so he won’t be seen as a threat. Fabio looks like a much smarter player than they originally portrayed him to be.

2) Purple Kelly has some camera time - but it's only to show her crying and wanting to quit because of the rain. This show really
hasn’t shown her in a positive light at all (especially if you see the preview for next week’s episode – Probst narrating “and Purple Kelly finally has some to say,” followed by a shot of her crying and whining).

3) Very weird scene of NaOnka confessing to Holly that she took the flour and hid it. With tears streaming down her face, she tells Holly that she loves her. To the camera, NaOnka says that Holly reminds her of her own mother.

4) Sash made a final-2 deal with everyone - meaning that he privately promised that at the end it would only be Sash and whichever tribe member he was talking to at the time. That might explain why he didn’t save Brenda. If he saves her, then it’s obvious he is more interested in her that what his many partners want.

I really wanted to see the aftermath of the fire from last week. Maybe the production team gave them some food and utensils so the topic is purposely being avoided. Just because “Survivor” doesn’t always appear to be contrived, you can’t just assume it’s not.


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