Monday, November 29, 2010

What I’m Watching: Chuck

Chuck: Season 4, Episode 9 “Chuck Versus Phase Three” (B+)

After so many seasons of Sarah refusing to recognize her true feelings for Chuck, it’s great to see her fight her way through an entire country to bring back the man she loves. It’s a big thing for Sarah to differentiate between Chuck the Intersect and Chuck the spy since she’s always been incredibly overprotective and unwilling to let Chuck live on his own. Now she’s battling Thai sand-throwing ninjas to rescue her beloved boyfriend and acknowledging that she would say yes to his eventual proposal. I enjoyed how Morgan proved very helpful in his own singular kind of way, even if he managed to reveal Chuck’s exact plan for proposing. Casey’s gruff allegiance to Sarah and, by proxy, Chuck is also rather touching, and very entertaining. The gradual removal of Chuck’s memories was well-handled, in a manner very reminiscent of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” with universal prompts for flashing thrown into the mix. Fortunately, Chuck is now safely back in the United States and should be able to regain his flashing abilities sometime soon, I’d imagine. Ellie is about to stumble onto something major and spy-related herself, of course, that’s probably going to put her in considerable danger. It’s cool that she was able to name the password when pretty much the entire staff of the Buy More instantly, and it’s a nice link to the Bartowski parental unit, one of which should probably be coming back pretty soon to wreak considerable havoc in her children’s lives.

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