Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Round Two: The Millers

The Millers: Season 1, Episode 2 “Plot Twists” (C-)

Sometimes, shows that don’t look too good surprise you with their first episodes because they’re better than expected. That doesn’t always translate to a worthwhile series, and I think this is one case where I got caught up by my expectations being exceeded and though it was much better than it actually was. In its second installment, this show went for cheap laughs with an uninventive and all-too-literal plotline, which found its matriarch obsessing over burial plot arrangements. The big reveal at the end which exposed Carol’s plot to fool her family by making them think that Sylvia had died was quite obvious, and a demonstration of the fact that this show won’t be terribly creative and high-brow with its humor. This episode also gave us a peek at the too non-biological members of the extended Miller clan. Nelson Franklin’s Adam is extremely one-note, concerned over death being discussed so extensively and then subject to being demeaned by Nathan for not being special because his fears are shared by everyone. Eliza Coupe, a familiar face from “Scrubs” and “Happy Endings,” would theoretically be a great choice to portray Janice, Nathan’s vengeful ex-wife and coworker, but it would be nice if she spent less time haggling with him over how he criticized her for signing a piece of paper and making weather puns. This show wasn’t supposed to be bringing anything especially new to the table, but it just feels like it’s not trying very hard, which is a shame considering the talented players involved.

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