Sunday, October 20, 2013

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 3, Episode 5 “The Box” (B+)

This show has been extremely funny, and that’s only continuing as Jess and Nick’s relationship hits more speed bumps along the way. Inheriting thousands of dollars from his dad is a big deal for Nick, who doesn’t think of money in the same way that other people do, content to think that putting bills into his box means that he doesn’t have to deal with them anymore. Splurging on silly things made complete sense, and lashing out at Winston when he tried to collect the $1,900 he owed him was equally expected. That Jess would break go into his box and pay all his bills in cash, only to try to unpay them later when Nick expressed his anger at being told what to do with his money. Schmidt going to see his rabbi, played by the questionably convincing Jon Lovitz, to help affirm his self-perception as a good person, was funny, and the best part of it all was Nick’s inability to comprehend the word tzedakah. This episode had two hilarious instances of characters adding a possessive to an expression – Schmidt’s casual reference to performing “Heimlich’s maneuver” and Nick’s bafflement at hearing for the first time about “Bobby’s pins.” The writing on this show has been on fire, and I’m thrilled to see such terrific lines being uttered by the very entertaining players. Now let’s get Cece back into the center of things, and send Schmidt on a good path now that their relationship is over for good (or is it?).

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