Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 3, Episode 5 “The Yoga Play” (B-)

It’s often difficult to continue watching a show and have faith in it after a twist that just doesn’t add up, but I’m determined not to let that become the case for me here. Carrie working an angle for Saul doesn’t make her life any less solitary, although it does prove that there are a few people who believe in her. Quinn doing surveillance outside her home and then her executing a “yoga play” isn’t exactly thrilling stuff, and it would be nice if this show got its sense of urgency back. Its fifth episode in season two had Brody in custody and being interrogated by Carrie, and it would be great to see something of equal caliber playing out right now. Seeing Virgil and Max again should have been fun, but it’s all just in the service of helping Carrie evade her tails, which doesn’t end up being terribly satisfying. Jessica stopping by Carrie’s home was a shock, but it is interesting to see events reframed and to have Carrie positioned as heroic for trying to warn her family about what Brody was about to do. Dana’s escape from her dangerous boyfriend seemed all too easy, but maybe we haven’t seen the last of him either (which I wouldn’t necessarily pose as a good thing). This whole charade has clearly taken a toll on Saul, and to find out that he’s not actually going to become the director of the CIA is disheartening. Let’s hope that he keeps outbursts like the one he had in this episode to a minimum.

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