Monday, October 21, 2013

What I’m Watching: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Season 6, Episode 5 “Gin It Up!” (B+)

This show is just terrific, and I can proudly continue to call it my favorite comedy on television right now. It’s always thrilling to see good shows recognized by the talent that they are able to net, and seeing Tatiana Maslany show up is an excellent testament to that. Maslany, who was incredible in multiple roles as clones on “Orphan Black,” was cold but intriguing as Tom’s latest crush, and I love that he put on a fake British accent the moment he saw her, a likely nod to the fact that she does a spot-on British accent as one of her characters on the BBC America series. Tom hasn’t had a passion outside work and technology in a while, and it’s great to see him make a fool of himself for love, especially with April watching and laughing. Leslie’s political career continues to be miserable, and I think it’s fantastic that Jamm and Dexhart do things just to make her life unbearable and have no qualms about announcing their corrupt intentions to anyone who will listen. Leslie has learned to take it in stride, and it’s nice that she was able to accept Donna for who she is and the limited patience that she has. The state of Ron’s will was hardly surprising, and it’s never a waste of time to see Ben try to point out someone’s ridiculousness to them. His astonishing fortune is a great plot point, and I enjoyed his constant references to the man or animal who will ultimately kill him and inherit the bulk of his property.

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