Monday, October 28, 2013

What I’m Watching: Elementary

Elementary: Season 2, Episode 5 “Ancient History” (B+)

There can’t always be cases all the time, and therefore it’s fun to see what both Sherlock and Watson do in their spare time. Going to the morgue to hunt for signs of foul play is a logical exercise for Sherlock, and this was quite a doozy, with so many different players and questionable moments of actual deaths having occurred. Sherlock’s continued surprise at the fact that his proposed victims were alive was amusing, and it made this particular scavenger hunt thoroughly involving and enjoyable. Watson’s suggested effort was also interesting, and I, like her, thought that Sherlock didn’t want to devote any attention to it since romance was of no concern to him. Learning that he was Tony was much more exciting, and I love that, after being scolded by Watson for betraying her trust, he went and told Jennifer the truth, only to have her sleep with him again. Sherlock’s appeal is questionable but evident, and, though he’ll have to eventually reunite with Moriarty (one can only hope – seeing Natalie Dormer in “Rush” got me pumped about the idea), it’s good to see him engage in some completed detached romantic activity at the moment. Watson telling him that she was just trying to get pregnant was a rare but entirely welcome instance of her having the upper hand, and I’d like to see more such instances in the future. Sherlock has no social life, but seeing Watson out and about is also a great thing, since it helps educate us viewers more about what she’s like when she’s not fully focused on Sherlock.

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