Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I’m Watching: Homeland (Season Premiere)

Homeland: Season 3, Episode 1 “Tin Man is Down” (B+)

After two spectacular seasons, it’s fair to see that expectations are high for this show’s third year. Fortunately, it’s off to a fantastic start, heading in an unknown direction as things fall to pieces and Brody isn’t even seen on screen. That’s a smart move, in my mind, since it preserves the suspense, but the episode doesn’t feel empty, mainly because what is going on is extremely interesting. Carrie testifying about her role in Brody’s deal with the CIA was already going poorly before she let it slip that she didn’t think that Brody did it. To have her affair with Brody leaked in the newspaper was harsh, but having to watch Saul throw her on the bus during the hearing on national television was truly scarring, and I’m not sure she’ll ever recover from it. Saul’s having a tough enough time as it is adjusting to his new role, and Dar being his top consultant feels shady more than anything else, while Mira’s presence at home feels inauthentic and awkward. It’s good to see Quinn in the field, though his latest mission is sure to leave him tormented because of the collateral damage it caused. Seeing how Brody’s alleged action affected his family is tough, particularly for the toll it took on Dana. Her new bad egg boyfriend looks an awful lot like Zach Hamilton from “Dexter,” and he’ll definitely both provide her an outlet for getting away from her overprotective family and get her into sticky situations. I don’t know where this season is headed, but I’m sure it will be enthralling.

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