Thursday, October 24, 2013

What I’m Watching: Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex: Season 1, Episode 4 “Thank You For Coming” (B+)

It’s about time that this show had a major dinner party, and it couldn’t have gone any better in my opinion. The interpersonal relationships here are just fantastic, and the show doesn’t spare any of its characters. I didn’t recognize Ann Dowd, from last year’s haunting “Compliance,” as Bill’s mother, who Libby manages to get along with just fine and who even surprised Bill, who wasn’t too open to the idea of her new lease on life because of the relationship Bill had with his late father. Having her around on a semi-regular basis might not be a bad thing, especially since she seems to share some of Bill’s curiosity about the less talked-about things in life. Libby trying to fix Ethan up with Virginia was well-intentioned but not good for Libby, and it’s even more problematic considering how obsessed he is with her. Starting a relationship with the provost’s daughter is a bad idea, but Ethan doesn’t tend to think with his brain most of the time. Mather Zickel’s George is an intriguing new character, and the way he talks about Virginia is almost as interesting as the fact that Bill is clearly taken with her in a way that’s consuming his entire being. The study is proving to be continually fascinating, and I can say that I’m consistently impressed with this show and the direction in which it’s headed. As of now, this is the fall’s best new show, and it’s only fitting that it got picked up by Showtime early this week for a second season.

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