Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I’m Watching: Elementary

Elementary: Season 2, Episode 3 “We Are Everyone” (B+)

This was an extremely engaging episode because of the way in which it involved the unseen antagonists known as Everyone. It started off feeling like a thriller, with Ezra Kleinfelter arrested for his role in leaking classified documents, a seeming innocent in the fight for the freedom of information. It turned out, of course, that he was guilty the whole time, but that wasn’t entirely relevant because we didn’t even see him until the end of the episode. What was more enticing was the fact that Everyone perceived Sherlock and Watson as a threat and went to work on attacking them the best way they knew how. Some of it was amusing, like the calls about a train set and delivery of a number of pizzas. Cutting off their electricity and posting Watson’s home address on her dating profile was considerably more worrisome, but, as expected, Sherlock and Watson managed to solve the case despite all that annoying interference. It was nice to see one of Watson’s website connections stop by to see how she was doing because he was concerned about the messages he had been receiving from someone who was clearly not her, though it’s good that she’s not getting too ahead of herself with her love life. Impressing Sherlock by pickpocketing Kleinfelter was great, and I liked their disagreement about social entanglements and real world time. As always, it’s the banter that makes their relationship the most amusing. Two pieces of writing at the end were especially intriguing – Watson’s book and Sherlock’s note from Moriarty! I wonder where those will lead next.

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