Monday, October 7, 2013

What I’m Watching: Nashville

Nashville: Season 2, Episode 2 “Never No More” (B)

I haven’t yet given up on this show, and this episode was actually pretty packed with major developments. Jeff is changing things in a big way, telling Juliette that she needs to try harder to hit number one and convincing Will that he should distinguish himself from Rayna by having his own label. He’s very into burning bridges, as he managed to piss both Rayna and Juliette off by launching the runner-up of a reality show, letting her sing one of Juliette’s songs, no less. Rayna starting to think about walking away from Edgehill is an intriguing idea, and that might be the way that Juliette and Rayna stay connected now that she’s conscious again and Juliette isn’t milking her coma for all it’s worth. Rayna and Teddy playing nice was reassuring to see, but that didn’t last long, and it doesn’t seem like Rayna’s interested in being with Deacon either. He’s doing a spectacular job of alienating the one person who does want to take care of him, and I’m not sure how long Scarlet is going to last, especially since her new friend looks to be starting up a romance with Gunnar. Juliette returning to Alabama to try to help launch her label was most worthwhile for the way in which it fleshed out Avery’s friendship with Juliette. While she isn’t quite capable of having friends, male or female, it would be helpful for her to have a relationship not based purely on sex with someone other than her manager or her assistant.

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