Friday, October 4, 2013

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 3, Episode 3 “Double Date” (B+)

It seemed too optimistic to think that Schmidt’s two relationships could go on forever, and this very funny episode had some much more serious parts related to Schmidt’s big lie being exposed. As usual, Winston was off on his own plotline after an amusing embarrassing interaction with his new cat where he invited himself along to the double date, and then he got to spend all episode trying to get a table at a very crowded restaurant, which was decently entertaining. I heartily enjoyed Nick’s efforts not to be involved in Cece and Schmidt’s relationship drama, and his donning of the motorcycle helmet to hide his emotions from Jess, only to have them revealed in fantastic fashion when she pulled off the visor, was terrific. Cece rushing to punch Nick not once but twice was fun, though I suspect that the repercussions of Schmidt’s duplicity will be even less pleasant. We also won’t likely see Elizabeth again, which is a shame, although I guess her final act, a slow smushing of a pie on Schmidt’s face, was quite memorable. Schmidt vowing to do everything possible to break Nick and Jess up is an unexpected outcome of Jess’ meddling in his relationship that is sure to be quite fun to watch. The best part of it all was the final scene in which Jess and Nick tried to beat Schmidt to the punch by revealing all of their darkest secrets to each other, most of which were weird and absolutely hilarious.

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