Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 5, Episode 3 “Nipple Confusion” (B+)

This show’s title could be any more relevant this episode. I remember seeing posters for this show back in early 2009 with an image of Max with his head stuck in a railing, and that’s what many thought that this show would be about. It turns out that it’s far from the case, and the portrayal of parenthood on this show is exceptionally mature and, quite often, entertaining to boot. Crosby’s stint as a dad continues to be an uphill battle, but it’s sweet to see him succeed at finding a way to show his loyalty and commitment to Jasmine without knowing she was nearby. Kristina’s campaign is also rather rocky, and she’s in way over her head with her assistant Heather. Fortunately, Adam seems to be getting on board with the idea, and I loved his back-and-forth with Sarah about her photography abilities. Sarah had a strong episode, highlighted by her scenes with Hank in which he first unintentionally insulted her and then made her feel better by picking out the perfect shot from her less than terrific shoot. Joel and Julia’s latest family issue is the most difficult to watch, since Victor hasn’t been featured all that much lately and now, back in the spotlight, seems not to be doing too well again. Julia didn’t even need to have an affair with Ed for it to become a problem, and hopefully it won’t continue do so going forward. After some stalling, Zeek and Camille did have a great conversation that makes their relationship just as interesting as all the rest of the couples on this show.

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