Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I’m Watching: Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: Season 6, Episode 7 “Sweet and Vaded” (B+)

This show is so completely driven by its plot, which makes it incredible to watch since there’s absolutely nothing preventing something completely crazy from happening. Wendy showing up to tell Gemma that Tara had opted to go with Margaret as her guardian instead of either of them was a bit of a surprise, but it led to something infinitely more shocking, which was Tara framing Gemma for causing her miscarriage. It was alarming to think for a moment that Tara had ended her own pregnancy, but it makes much more sense that she wasn’t ever pregnant and instead has been planning this for a long time to ensure that she gets Gemma out of her family’s life. In this same episode, Gemma proved to be less destructive in her loyalty to another family member, Nero, by getting Jax to help Venus with her big problem. It’s fun to see Walton Goggins in this role, and he really is terrific here, so different from the characters he played on two other classic FX series, “Justified” and “The Shield.” Jax shooting his mother in the head while she was insulting him was intense, but served as a major sign of loyalty to his new friend. Patterson offering Nero a deal to give up Jax is worrisome, though not too much considering the solid that Jax just did for his pal Nero. Encouraging Charlie to cooperate is much more dangerous since he doesn’t have the long history with either of them. Ratboy getting his patch is a good example of this show spotlighting its supporting players, but it also may put him directly in harm’s way now that something good has happened to him.

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