Thursday, October 17, 2013

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 5, Episode 3 “A Precious Commodity” (B+)

It’s amazing to see how quickly things fall apart. Diane walking into Will’s office to tell him about her damaging interview ended their relationship instantly, and it’s a real shame given how much they’ve been through together and stood by each other during tough times. Will pulling Alicia in and offering her Diane’s role is a big deal, especially since the romantic component of their relationship doesn’t really exist anymore and she’s on her way out the door to the new firm. Kalinda finding out from Robin that Alicia was leaving with Cary seems to have stung, and I’m curious to see how she handles that new bit of information. It’s taking way too long for them to leave for this to go smoothly without anyone getting hurt, and I’m concerned about how Will is going to take being completely abandoned by the two women who have been in his professional life for a very long time. This episode’s main case with the surrogate who didn’t want to have an abortion, featuring Christian Borle from “Smash” as the attorney and Janel Moloney of “The West Wing” as the surrogate, was interesting, but it’s the mark of a great law show when the still competent case is its least intriguing part. Peter deciding to hire Marilyn back is disconcerting, since she clearly is flirting with him all the time, and renewing his vows isn’t going to dampen his attraction to her. Alicia’s reaction to Grace’s new look was extreme but highly entertaining, and its best result was Alicia inviting her pastor in for a beer before slamming the door in his face.

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