Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 6, Episode 7 “Message Discipline” (C+)

Maybe it’s true to life, but I feel like this show has featured several times now a race with a sudden third candidate emerging from out of nowhere when two perfectly compelling rivals exist already. I won’t argue that David Hyde Pierce, who I last saw as the star of the film “The Perfect Host” in 2011, isn’t a dynamic actor who might bring a lot to the show, but aren’t there enough colorful personalities already in this fictional Chicago? Alicia trying to figure out how to become a politician isn’t as enthralling as it might seem, and it’s really taking away from actually being a lawyer. In his continual character flip-flop, Finn grew a conscience when he realized that Castro was persecuting Cary for vindictive reasons only, and it’s a shame that he resigned since now Castro will try to destroy Cary when Finn could have let the facts speak for themselves against his boss’ wishes and gotten fired down the road instead of throwing in the towel now. It didn’t take long for Connie Nielsen’s prospective Peter mistress to get herself a job close to Peter, and all she is now is another up-and-comer who seems naïve but is actually brilliant and gets to make Eli’s life more difficult. Kalinda made some serious progress in destroying the case against Cary, but a convenient car crash now seems to have derailed it all and landed Cary back in this perpetual cycle of being targeted for a crime of which he is clearly innocent.

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