Monday, November 17, 2014

What I’m Watching: A to Z

A to Z: Season 1, Episode 7 “G is for Geronimo” (D+)

Maybe I shouldn’t stick with this show through its final episode. What I’ve realized is that our formerly beloved protagonists, who were really the only reason to watch the show, have lost a great deal of their chemistry. In this episode, Andrew was out of touch as usual with how Zelda really felt about the given topic of the week, which in this case was her theoretical music career, and Zelda was distant because she didn’t want to open herself up and be vulnerable to having to question her life choices. To say that the honeymoon period is over isn’t accurate since they’re still happy, but the magic is gone, and not in a way that feels appropriate because it’s true to life. I’m not sure that Stephie being slightly clever and deceiving Stu qualifies them as even, but if it can make them even a little bit more bearable, I suppose that’s progress. Howard discovering that Lydia is actually nice and it has nothing to do with her getting drunk was surprisingly a step up from other Lydia plotlines, but not by much. My main question of the episode is how Andrew can be so inept as to share his entire music library with the company and everyone else there can so easily find the music and know where it is. One would think he’d have more technological knowledge but also that he’d have a big enough library that it would be hard for everyone in multiple companies to listen to the same song while they’re in the middle of a work day theoretically doing work.

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