Thursday, November 20, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Newsroom

The Newsroom: Season 3, Episode 2 “Run” (A-)

I’m very pleased to report that this is the best episode this show has produced in a long time, a pleasant reminder of how clever and fantastic this show used to consistently be. This is the kind of writing that Aaron Sorkin is known for, and these actors known really know how to deliver it. I thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth between Will and Neal with a bit of Rebecca mixed in, and Mackenzie’s arrival only made things more entertaining. That it ended in such a serious fashion is worrisome but the transition to drama was smooth and effective. It’s great to see Mary McCormack, who starred in the last few seasons of “The West Wing,” as Mackenzie’s FBI friend whose initial advice didn’t end up panning out. I heartily enjoyed Maggie’s train ride back from Boston, mostly because she’s become such a confident reporter but also because of the guest stars: Paul Lieberstein from “The Office” as an EPA official broadcasting personal opinions all over the train and Jimmi Simpson of “Virtuality” as the man who put in headphones for her and then asked for her number. I was also very happy with the casting of Kat Dennings as Reese’s stepsister, who helped give Sam Waterston the best material Charlie has had in a while, and Jane Fonda for that matter too. Sloan and Don’s brunch date was fabulous, and I cracked up at her obsession with the waffles. Their subsequent tricks were entertaining, and this is one terrific power couple that wants to do anything possible not to admit that they have genuine feelings for each other.

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