Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What I’m Watching: Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels: Season 4, Episode 11 “Bleeding Kansas” (B)

This show took a few weeks off for the month of October and now it’s back with a somewhat unexpected installment in the wake of Ruth’s shooting of Sidney Snow at the end of the last episode. I had assumed that Sidney was dead, but instead we got one of the show’s more retrospective hours, where Cullen and Durant tried desperately to keep the miscreant alive so that Ruth wouldn’t have to face execution for killing a man. Sidney managed to be despicable right up to the bitter end, grabbing Cullen’s gun and trying to shoot him and then attempting to crawl out the window just moments before he ultimately died. It was jarring to see Reverend Cole, who we haven’t seen since midway through the second season, letting himself be ruled by his full fanatic fury, beheading slaveowners and purporting to be doing the lord’s work. It was worthwhile to see how Ruth was shaped to do good by seeing what he did, but it didn’t resonate quite the way I might have hoped it would. Louise, on the other hand, summed the situation up perfectly, noting that she had seen too many people do horrible things in the name of God to believe that he existed. Governor Campbell may have to contend with Mickey’s angry, eye-popping cousin, but that’s not going to stop him from wielding his judiciary ax and ensuring that Ruth pay for her crime, even if not a single person in Cheyenne thinks that she should be considered guilty.

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