Friday, November 14, 2014

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 1, Episode 5 “Chapter Five” (B+)

This hasn’t exactly been a relaxing pregnancy for Jane, who is devastated on a regular basis with revelations about how things in her life are not nearly as stable as they seem. She started the hour off furious at her mother for keeping her father from her for so many years, and then had a few awkward meetings with dear old dad that didn’t go too smoothly because he was either working way too hard to impress her or trying to defend her mother’s actions. Rafael broke the news that he and Petra were getting divorced and that he wanted to raise the baby alone, and then, just when things were going well with Michael, she found out that he had known about Petra’s affair and covered up the fact that Jane would be giving the baby to an unstable couple. Michael is far from this show’s most likeable character, but I don’t see this being a big enough deal in the long run for it to ruin their relationship. Rafael was relatively diplomatic about his divorce from Petra, and it’s a shame that she and her mother have resorted to dirty tricks to complicate Rafael’s life. Disgusting Tom was a short-lived character, one who managed to live up to his name almost instantly, and now he’s the second person to die in the hotel in a very short period of time. Rafael’s career looks ready to crumble around him, and I’m curious to see whether Jane will be on his side when everyone rallies against him.

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