Sunday, November 30, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Newsroom

The Newsroom: Season 3, Episode 3 “Main Justice” (A-)

This show is on fire, making up for a lagging second season with a final slate of rich, funny, and intense episodes. Starting with the more serious, the situation with Neal’s source is no laughing matter, as Will has now been served with a subpoena and could face imprisonment for failing to cooperate, Neal has apparently fled the country, and the source, played by Clea Duvall, has told Mackenzie in no uncertain terms that she will break the story herself if ACN doesn’t air it within a few days. That’s plenty of pressure, and all quips about the fish and the loser table aside, Mary McCormack’s FBI agent is doing her best to keep Mackenzie as up to date as possible to protect the people she cares about, but it may not be enough if they’re not willing to do what’s necessary. Charlie is trying to save the network, but selling it to B.J. Novak’s egomaniacal billionaire who has truly terrible items definitely isn’t an optimistic solution. After their waffles-centered war of non-affection, Don and Sloan may be in trouble with an overeager new HR rep who was far from amused by Gary’s womanizing antics and has his sights set on breaking up this happy non-couple. Jim and Hallie are experiencing some trouble in paradise, highlighted by their entertaining back-and-forth about going to sleep angry and Maggie’s on-the-nose analysis of Jim’s wrongdoing in the situation. There’s no real topping the sheer depressing nature of the outlook on the future presented by the unfortunate representative of the EPA, a truly awe-inspiring and unmatchable scene.

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