Friday, November 7, 2014

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 4, Episode 6 “Background Check” (C-)

A week off didn’t do this show any favors, but this episode’s quality was a direct result of thin, overreaching plotting. Winston needing to pass a background check which involved his roommates being asked questions about whether he should become a cop was a stretch in itself, but that could have worked since all of them don’t quite see why this is something that he wants to do. But introducing the wholly illogical twist of Jess having a bag of meth that she found in a piece of furniture she purchased years ago and just decided to store in her closet without telling anyone was a much more ludicrous and unnecessary step. It was obvious from the start that it wasn’t actually meth, but we still had to watch a toilet overflow and see Jess and Schmidt both act ridiculous in her pursuit of getting rid of the drugs while thinking that they were affecting her through her breasts and his pursuit of Cece’s affection in the midst of the crisis. Coach’s trip to the basketball court was similarly uncreative and unfulfilling. The only time I laughed during the episode was at Schmidt’s reaction to the sight of Nick’s completely soaked back, but I wasn’t at all amused by his lengthy list of confessions to the officer there to check out Winston, which is a shame given how funny similar lists have been in the past. This show is sliding fast, and it’s really too bad given how enjoyable it used to be.

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