Thursday, November 6, 2014

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 1, Episode 4 “Chapter Four” (B+)

Secrets don’t stay buried for long on this show, as more than a few cats came out of the bag in this hour, with still plenty left to be discovered in coming episodes. The most astounding and likely to be felt for the foreseeable future is Jane learning that Rogelio is her father, but at least it’s good to have that out in the open since Jane was getting a seriously weird vibe from the celebrity soap star seemingly stalk her, particularly when he showed up to watch her try on her wedding dress. Xiomara confirmed that, despite a moment mistaken for affection, Rogelio does have feelings for her, and now it’s going to be a matter of whether Jane can forgive either of them. Jane confessing to her sex dream about Rafael during her therapy session with a perfectly cast Tony Plana as a hapless priest ended up being quite therapeutic, although Jane’s mixing up of the magazine article and the sex note was a predictable comic stumbling block. Rafael and Petra teamed up to take down Petra’s old flame and Rafael’s nemesis Lachlan, played by Michael Rady, but then Rafael broke the news ever so bluntly to his wife that he is well aware of her cheating ways and is definitely not planning to stay with her. At least Jane and Michael are in better shape, though finding out about his secrets with Petra won’t help when that inevitably comes out to derail their happiness sometime down the road.

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