Sunday, November 23, 2014

What I’m Watching: Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: Season 7, Episode 11 “Suits of Woe” (B+)

This episode was very deft in its handling of the gradual reveal of Gemma’s actions to the whole world. Everyone in this hour was at the top of their game, but particular credit goes to Charlie Hunnam for realizing Jack’s reaction in an unusually emotive way. It’s stunning to see how he took the news, staying with Abel in his room through the night and then going to see Juice to get the answers he needed. At first, he kept others at bay, and then he came clean with the entire club, taking on the responsibility for all of the collateral damage that occurred as a result of his murder of the innocent Gemma and Juice framed. It seems like Jax, once again returned to his reformer ways, may actually be the one who pays the price for what Gemma did, if the club votes that he should meet Mr. Mayhem, an outcome he seems more than prepared to accept. It’s an instance of rather extraordinary leadership, though it won’t be able to make up for what has already happened. Gemma also seems to realize that her time with Abel and the club is soon over, though she’s running from it instead of facing it head-on. I had the opportunity to participate in a press phone call with Katey Sagal earlier this week in which the actress demonstrated a much different demeanor and attitude about everything, politely answering questions and speculating that Gemma really is doing everything out of love. It’s just a shame that she’s gone crazy, talking to herself and enlisting another person who’s gone off the rails, Juice, to frame a random racial group and spread violence all around Charming and its surroundings.

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