Thursday, November 13, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Newsroom (Season Premiere)

The Newsroom: Season 3, Episode 1 “Boston” (B)

Now here’s a show that it’s an incomparable experience to watch, and we may as well get it while we can given that the show is ending for good after a mere six episodes this season. It’s been over a year since the show finished its second season, and, in typical fashion, this show fast-forwards to a monumental event in the history of news, the Boston Marathon bombings. Watching the team learn pieces of information and deliberately decide to hold off on their reporting for fear of making another wrong call is certainly interesting, and it’s made tensions in the newsroom quite high. There’s an awful lot happening in terms of the dynamics of the team and their overseers, but the most significant is Dev receiving classified documents and apparently being unintentionally complicit in their theft. Let’s hope that things turn out alright for him. I guess it doesn’t matter what the leaked secrets pertain to, which should give the show time to focus on a mix of real news and fictional people problems. Reese is going to need some help from Sloane in maintaining the reigns of his corporation, while the show seems headed for certain cancellation, if not the network itself. In brighter news, exercise maven Maggie seems to be doing better, capable of reporting live on camera when Elliott hilariously ate walnuts, and it’s good to see at least one person in a better place than when we left them. Fortunately, Will and Mackenzie’s wedding planning is a source of thorough entertainment.

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