Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 6, Episode 8 “Red Zone” (C)

Alicia’s candidacy is proceeding along at a rate that hardly feels urgent but also feels distracting from the main legal focus of the show, though I’m not too pleased with the latest developments in Cary’s case either. Castro dropping out of the race was presented as a footnote in a recording at the end of the episode, which is another instance of this show investing in building up a character and then just dismissing them outright when something showier – namely a more prominent guest star – comes along (see Peter’s recent election for support). The familiar face of this hour was Madeleine Martin, who played precocious daughter Becca on “Californication,” as Owen’s student who was having a difficult time proving the guilt of her rapist. Her desire to let it go once he got expelled while Alicia pressed her to lead the class-action suit was emblematic of how lawyers often want to fight more than their clients, as shown a few episodes back with the neighboring farmers. Cary getting coached on how to be a normal witness was fine even if it continues to drag on this case forever, but I don’t like Kalinda tiptoeing around Lana and spying for Bishop. It doesn’t suit her character, and I don’t think anyone wants a repeat of the abusive husband plotline, so Kalinda should really get back to her legal work and away from her extracurricular activities. She’s at her best when she’s doing good work and only casually romancing people, not spending all of her time with one or more of them.

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